The project includes the ceramic piece pictured above, and your choice of 4 glaze colors.


Wire portion of this item will be kept in studio and attached after firing. 


Pottery glaze before firing has a chalky consistency and colors are muted. Once the piece is painted, we dip it in a clear coat and fire it! This not only ensures it will be food-safe, but it brings the colors to life and gives your piece a beautiful shine. Glaze and fire projects are dishwasher safe in the top rack, but hand washing is encouraged when possible to prolong the life of the piece.


See the 75 glaze color options and note your choices below!


This is a glaze and fire project ONLY. Acrylic options not available for this piece. 


If you aren’t sure what colors to pick or you leave the field blank, colors will be chosen for you.

If you'd like more than 4 colors, you can purchase each additional color for $0.50.  If you're purchasing additional paints, don't forget to add additional paint to your cart!

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