Celebrate with us!

Yup. We do Parties. 



Walk-in painters are ALWAYS welcome, but if you’re looking for something fun for your next celebration or event, we’ve got you covered.

PRICING: Prices start at $15 per person, plus tax. Price is calculated per person, even if guests choose not to paint. To help keep your costs down, we suggest that you encourage parents to drop and go for childrens' parties, or invite them to paint a party piece if they would like to stay. We require a $175 minimum for a 2 hour time slot. Your guests will be able to choose 1 piece from our designated party shelf and you are given a Brushstrokes Party Host to help set up, break down, and make your party run smoothly. 

BOOKING: Call us during business hours at (610)323-2782 to discuss time slots and availability. We require a $50 non refundable deposit to book your date, which is applied to your balance the day of the event. Deposits can be paid in person, or via an emailed invoice. 

FOOD/DECORATIONS: You may bring food and decorations! Just be aware that space is limited, and we do not have the ability to keep hot food hot, or cold food cold. You may arrive up to 1/2 hour before your event to set up food and decorations. Because of space and time restrictions, we strongly encourage saving any gift opening for at home. Corrado's Pizza in Pottstown, PA will deliver food directly to your party with advance notice! You can order ahead over the phone at (610) 326-5223. We highly recommend them! For sweets delivered directly to your party, DonutNV in Pottstown, PA is a great choice. They will also deliver with advance notice, and their phone number is (484)624-5514. 

CAPACITY: We can accommodate up to 30 party guests, and ask that you provide a inal headcount at least 1 week prior to your event. At the time we are not offering the option to close the studio to outside customers during parties and events. 


Email us at  or give us a call at 610.323.2782 to customize and book your event.

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We like to think of ourselves as very talented people here at Brushstrokes, but culinary skills are not our specialty.

You are more than welcome to bring outside food for your events.

We do however, ask that you keep all food in the reserved section of your event, and have guests eat prior to painting, or after painting is completed.

We are not equipped to keep food hot or cold, so please plan accordingly.

We highly recommend checking out the food court located a short walk from the studio. Many food vendors located at the premium outlets offer great options for events.  

Corrado's Pizza, located in Pottstown, is a wonderful choice for catering options. If you call a few weeks ahead and make arrangements, they can deliver your food the day of your event.  Contact them at 610.326.5223. 

They never disappoint. 👍


Bring the streamers, balloons, party hats, tablecloths, confetti, photo props... whatever your heart desires. (within reason of course 😂) As an event host you will have 1/2 hour prior to the start time to decorate the designated space, and we will take care of the clean up. Please remember to take any decorations that you would like to save, with you after the event.