Painting Pottery


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DO I NEED A RESERVATION? Reservations are not required, however walk in seating is subject to availability. We would be happy to have your table reserved and ready for you if you'd like to ensure seating for a specific time and date. Just give us a call in advance and we can discuss availability. If you reserve a table, and arrive more than 10 minutes past your appointment time, we may give your table to walk in or waitlisted painters. 

CAN I PREORDER A PIECE? We place all of our inventory orders in bulk, so we cannot accommodate requests for specific pieces. Because of current supply restrictions, we also cannot guarantee that items we previously had in stock will be available in the future. We do our best to keep our shelves stocked with a mixture of returning items as well as new pieces, but unfortunately at the moment shipping and item availability is less than predictable. 

CAN I PLACE A HOLD ON AN ITEM? Yes! We do have a hold shelf at the studio for prepaid pieces. We use this for customers who would like a piece but cannot stay to paint the same day, or when a project is started but cannot be completed in one sitting. We will hold prepaid items on our hold shelf for 10 days before sending a text reminder to come paint your piece. 5 days after your reminder text, we may restock the item(s) for other customers to purchase. There are NO refunds for abandoned pottery after 15 days on the hold shelf. 

DO YOU SHIP? We have tried in the past, but due to the frequency and severity of damages that occurred during shipping in the past, as well as the costs involved, we have adopted a very strict no shipping policy. 

DO YOU HAVE AN ITEM LIST OR PRICING LIST? We do not. Our price range starts at $15 plus tax. Most of our items fall between $20-$35, but certain items can be as high as $150. (the price range is vast!)  Because our inventory changes so frequently, we do not have an item or price list available for customers. The best way to see what is currently available is to follow us on social media (we always post arrival of new pieces!) or to come in and check it out in person! Sometimes pictures just don't do the items justice anyway! 

DO YOU OFFER CLASSES/WORKSHOPS? We would LOVE to increase workshop and class offerings in the future, however we do not currently have a set schedule for classes and workshops. Follow us on social media for announcements regarding classes and workshops in the future. 

WILL YOU FIRE ITEMS I PURCHASED SOMEWHERE ELSE? We cannot fire items that were purchased elsewhere. We can only fire pieces that were purchased at Brushstrokes, that were painted only with the glazes we provided. Please keep this in mind if you purchase to go kits. Foreign paints, clays, glues, inks, marker design, etc can not be fired. 

WHAT IS YOUR TURNAROUND TIME? Our turnaround time changes throughout the year, and is ONLY an estimate, not a guarantee. Be sure to ask at the time of painting what our current turnaround is, especially if you need your items back by a certain date. 

PICKUP POLICY: When your piece is ready for pickup, we will contact you via phone call or text at the number provided at the time you painted your piece. We can only hold items on our pickup shelf for 60 days from the date we attempted to contact you. There is no refund for abandoned pottery. Abandoned pottery will be donated after 60 days.